New Territory

I have been having fun writing and submitting stories. But something recently came to my attention: the value of e-publishing on Kindle. Wow. It’s addictively easy. I’m impatient, and I love my husband’s sketches, so the prospect of publishing stories on my own timeline with Adam as the artist, is very appealing. So far, I have three that are in the queue for publishing. It takes a day for them to run through the form and make sure you haven’t left anything out that should be in there. The stories are: The Bees of St. John, Adam’s favorite, Diary of  a Duct Tape Zombie, and Mushrooms. So far, I have covers on them that I created, but soon I hope to have the final covers that my husband is illustrating, up there too. The poor man has been staying up after full shifts as a medical resident and working on them. Of course, he’s had Dexter on TV while he works, which has been more than partly responsible for his late hours. “Just one more episode…” I’ve been equally guilty of ‘One More Episode Syndrome’. Curses, Netflix…


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