Rosa’s first horror story

My daughter is an amazing kid. Not only does she have, at 5 years old, far more legible handwriting than I, but she has already developed a penchant for horror. Here is her first story, which she wrote in her notebook by herself. It’s called Disappeared. She even titled it.

Disappeared by Rosa Coles

Once there was a family of elves who lived in the jungle. The dada went into the jungle. But it was dark and the dada disappeared. The mom did not know where he went. Then the mom went into the jungle and she disappeared. The kid was scared because he was all alone in the house. The kid did not know that a creature lived in the basement. The kid went into the basement. The creature ate him up. The End.

We helped her with the spelling of the wonkier English words, but she did the rest on her own. And then at breakfast this morning she made plans to add to it. Apparently, it’s a series.

I love my little Rosa Lovecraft.


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