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So, I realize that this background picture makes things a little hard to read, but bear with me, I’m still getting the hang of this website thing. I just need to find the function that allows me to make the text boxes a little less transparent. I couldn’t resist posting this background picture from my daughter Rosa, because it amazed me. She drew a distinct black widow, complete with pedipalps (its butt fingers), and chelicerae, which due to the smiley face she added, are the horns on its head. 🙂 And of course, it’s centered in a web with bees for it to eat. It’s floating on a cloud which is being dreamed of by someone on the ground.

So already, we’ve achieved what every parent wishes: to be surpassed by one’s kids. I’m pretty sure that when I was five years old, I was doing a bang-up job if my stick figures weren’t amputees and had all their fingers and toes.

On another note, I discovered recently, that most of the strangest fiction probably originates with lying to our kids. Rosa just lost her second baby tooth. The first time, she told me with absolute certainty, that we needed to leave the cap off the tooth jar because otherwise, the tooth fairy wouldn’t be able to get the tooth. I explained that tooth fairies, like other species of fairy, are very strong. Even so, if the cap was stuck she’d just use her magic to open it. Well, the fairy gave her a dollar for inflation, and a candy bar to encourage future business. But now, by the second tooth, she has already proclaimed that she knows I am the tooth fairy. Rather than concede defeat, I am determined to keep up the ruse and think of ever-more elaborate lies to convince her that there is a mythic creature paying for her teeth instead of her mom collecting her teeth in a jar. Maybe because in my mind, if it’s a fairy it’s somehow less weird. Ah, the things parents do that are accepted as completely normal in our society in the context of parenting, but in any other context would be considered bizarre fetishism…:D


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  1. The function is graphical so you may not be able to change it. limits themes. If you make the text yellow though that may make it more readable.

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