Medical Marijuana Uproar

I’ve come across a ton of articles about medical marijuana at this point. Frankly, I’ve never understood how it got to the juncture where people can be denied basic constitutional rights and are scrutinized excessively by law enforcement for having a weed that grows on the fringes of most farms in the Midwest. Well, I guess I do understand it. Maybe it would be more accurate to say that I lament it. If we hadn’t made such a huge fuss over a substance far more benign than either alcohol or cigarettes, then this wouldn’t be such a mess.

I don’t use marijuana, though, I did try it a couple times in college. I didn’t really enjoy it much. But I have known plenty of people who do find it useful, and it seems to me that the only reason it is so maligned is because of politics, not reality.

From what I have read so far, and this is not a bibliographed thesis, just an observation: Nancy Reagan, and other corporate interests found an all-encompassing campaign against any mind-altering substance to be a useful scapegoat platform, not only because of the ‘Just say no’ need to appear firm without actually doing anything, but because of the usefulness of the plant in hemp, which threatened cotton textile, and the medical uses of the plant which threatened drug companies.

Again, this is what the majority of articles I read have indicated, and they seem well-founded and logical. I suppose that there are some conservative counterparts which show research to indicate that cannibis is the ‘gateway’ drug, and is poisoning the youth of America. But the fact is, that both in the well-reasoned articles I have read, and in the personal experiences of people I know, it has never led to a descent into debauchery and hard drugs, only to pain or stress relief, and maybe consumption of a few extra bags of Doritos than they should have had.


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