I don’t think I could ever be a politician. First of all, for a person a few steps past Rain Man, walking through a regular day is hard enough without stepping on social landmines. Second, why would you want to? Oh yeah, lifelong healthcare benefits, possibly the only people who will ever have those again in this country. And oh yeah, the ridiculous pay. And oh yeah, the possibility of changing things. Well, after the threatened shutdown, I wonder about that one. I’m not politically astute. But I read that the budget was partly held up because of nasty little riders that each side was attaching to bills.

Riders, that’s an interesting term. Puts me in mind of the Black Riders from Lord of the Rings.  And that’s kind of what they are.  At the Tea Party’s insistence, a rider was put on one resolution that was supposed to completely defund Planned Parenthood. Whether you agree with PP or not, they provide millions of women with free or low cost healthcare.  So in order to get out of deadlock, Congress would have to agree to amputate a major provider by 24 hours later or chaos ensues. That certainly sounds like something cooked up in Mordor to me.


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