Neo-Nazis and freedom of speech on the web

Just read article on neo-Nazi websites finding a home on US servers because of free speech.  Sigh. This appears to be a day where the groundhog of Mr. Obvious pokes his head out of the ground and declares a new decade of absurdity. Yes, the Constitution vigorously protects the tenets of free speech, which I agree with under most circumstances, but I wonder if there should be an amendment in there to protect common sense. One of the stipulations after WWII was to require Germany to outlaw all Nazi propaganda. So they’re still upholding that by cracking down on these websites, which they know incite hate crimes, through decades of experience. And the US, one of the nations who imposed this stipulation on them are allowing the very same sites they’ve told Germany to prosecute. At this point, I feel that we have reached the level of politics in which our extremism and the extreme interpreation of law has become a depressing sitcom.

Meanwhile, the very same voices that are upholding this particular incarnation of law without amendment, seem perfectly willing to allow the laws protecting the lives of women impregnated by rape to be thrown right out the window.

Eric Holder, the US Attorney said that a possible solution to tackling the internet rights issue was to explain in media that the neo-Nazis extremism is simply wrong. Because people rejoicing in the gassing of millions of men, women, and children have been so reasonable to begin with. TVs are flooded with police and law dramas in which the bad guys try to squirm out of everything, and we live with an adversarial law system in which innocence is often defined by how much money you can pay for a lawyer to defend you. So it strikes me that this profoundly inane comment was nothing more than the lamest attempt I have ever heard to divert attention from the fact that the government is impotent to remove these schmucks, with or without the issue of emerging internet rights issues.


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