‘Justice’ Gone Bonkers

I just read about a high school kid, Tyell Morton, who has been charged with a felony ‘institutional criminal mischief’ for leaving a sex blow up doll in the bathroom. http://tinyurl.com/3uz8nla I’m sorry, but at what point do we get to start charging overzealous career-climbing prosecutors with bringing the country down and wasting our tax money on the complete absence of common sense and turning criminal courts into a theater of the ridiculous!

Yes, the way Morton did it, in this day and age led security to react to what they perceived was a bomb threat, (he was dressed like a cat burglar, because he was leaving something one doesn’t usually leave in public bathrooms) true. And given the rise in school attacks, a bomb squad was an understandable response. However, at what point do we recognize that overreacting with crushing litigious persecution for something ultimately designed to make people laugh, might lead to creating the very situation we fear? People who play pranks like that, while possibly annoying, are usually well-adjusted kids with a healthy sense of humor, however inconvenient for the authorities or for the rest of us straight-laced people who take ourselves too seriously. But after being charged with a felony in a system willing to destroy this boy’s entire future without any consideration or inkling of perspective, I myself would turn into a bitter angry person with much less respect for or trust of law enforcement or certainly the legal system in which we are supposed to place our cooperation. Hopefully, this boy can get past this prosecutor’s posturing not only with his future intact, but with his sense of humor and resilience. I think that prosecutor should be disbarred.


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