Introduction to YA Carnival

The YA Indie Carnival is a collection of young adult fiction writers who have done some indie works. We are all navigating the wide world of publishing in different formats and venues, and exploring the world of YA, among other things. We communicate via email and twitter, and keep on the lookout for other folks who are working on similar things, or who are making similar forays into publicizing their works.

Authors participating in the YA Indie Carnival, which will run from July 15, 2011 through September 9, 2011 are:

Dani Snell

Patti Larsen

Courtney Cole

Wren Emerson

Nicole Williams

Fisher Amelie

Michelle Leighton

Laura Elliot

Amy Maurer Jones,

T. R. Graves

Tiffany King, Allie Burke

and myself.

Our purpose in all this is to share experiences, and benefit from them. My own introduction, beyond being a mom and a geek, as listed on my website, is that I write weird fiction. I suppose it could be characterized as speculative fiction, sometimes horror, sometimes urban fantasy, usually dark, but always strange or tweaked away from ‘normal’.

The novel I wrote recently may fall into the genre of young adult fiction, if parents are liberal about what their children are exposed to. I think that ideas about YA have gotten more sophisticated than when I was a young adult, or perhaps the kids are getting more sophisticated…My kindergartener already seems years sharper than I was at her age, and certainly, more tech savvy.

The novel I recently finished is about the teenage daughter of the ex-Sumerian god-turned-demon, Pazuzu. It is not published yet and so I will not go into a lot of detail about it yet. However, I can say that the inspiration for writing it really began as a joke. I always found mythology captivating, and since I am Jewish, have always been drawn to Near-East mythology more than most. In addition, I find an inordinate amount of glee in placing terrifying characters into irritating mundane situations. One of my favorite short stories by Clive Barker was ‘The Yattering and Jack’, in which a demon haunting a man’s house is driven to distraction by the nearly autistic pragmatism of his target, rendering the poor Yattering nearly impotent in his frustration. Call it supernatural schadenfreude.

The novel I have begun working on is about the youngsters of two worlds who get lost in each others’ worlds, this world, and the world which corresponds to faery. Both worlds are sustaining energy loss and both worlds, tied to each other inextricably, are dying. The boys, along with denizens of faery who were once considered gods, have to figure out not only how to return to their homes, but determine if they can stop the epidemics so that they all have somewhere to return to. This novel began with an idea I got while watching the squirrels disappear in the alley and finding random discarded toys deposited by our trash cans, like a back-alley fairy trade.

In addition, I have written a number of short stories which are currently for sale on Kindle and on this website. They are not YA, but range from horror and mythic to speculative fiction. Most of them have elements of myth, paranormal, or science fiction.


8 Responses to “Introduction to YA Carnival”

  1. That Pazuzu sounds like a bad a$$. Very cool. I have a short story on Kindle too called Kindergarten Ghost. Which of your books did you write first? Which was the last one you wrote?

    • I wrote the Pazuzu story first. Now that it’s completed, I’m writing the faery story. I’m trying to keep up the Nanowrimo mentality of just getting it down on text and then editing the crap out of it.

  2. It is great to get to know you and these other very inspiring Indie authors/bloggers! I’m really enjoying my ‘ride’.

  3. “I find an inordinate amount of glee in placing terrifying characters into irritating mundane situations.” << Nice!

    Glad to be part of the carnival with you!


  4. I love that you don’t completely classify your work… I have a hard time with it myself and mostly just tell people it’s dark paranormal–but there are so many more layers than that!

    Happy Carnival!

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