YA Indie Carnival Topic: Where do we find inspiration for writing?

I think that I find inspiration for writing in the experiences of every day life around me. I write to share life, the wonderful bits, the funny bits, the weird bits, and the irritating bits, and the horror of my nightmares. The human tendency as a primate is to share experience. I often wondered while studying primates, like the Far Side cartoon what the chimps were talking about when they groomed each other.

I think that for us, the branch of primates with advanced language skills, we use pen and paper and now computer and the internet to bond with our global collective troop.

Everyone has a story, a complex story, and everything that each of us does and sees, is experienced through our culture, surrounding and ever-fluid personality. I love learning people’s stories and perspectives. And I also find my own desire to meld my own emotions with the world around me. It’s a relief valve. Catharsis.

Around all of this mish-mash of the stories swirling around me, and throughout my own experiences, I find after studying mythology and folklore, that people’s expression of experience often gravitates toward the familiar, toward certain structures we all share, archetypes as Jung said, Dreamtime images as Aborigine beliefs call them.

It is between all of these experiences, my own and others, and how they are framed by the archetypes we share and which are constantly re-invented, that I find my passion for writing.

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3 Responses to “YA Indie Carnival Topic: Where do we find inspiration for writing?”

  1. It’s interesting, isn’t it, what we as a collective race find entertaining–the need for different levels of expose aside, the basic story structure remains the same. That need we have to share triumph or failure through the experiences of a character we can attach to emotionally will never go away. Great post, Rachel!

  2. I like you post here and the comments you’ve posted on everyone’s sites. Have a great weekend. Congratulations!

  3. Rachel,

    I find it both refreshing and amazing that the answer we have all revealed to this week’s themed post is the same. Sure, we have had different experiences, taken different journeys to come to this conclusion… Still, it is life itself and our human bonds that inspire our art. I enjoyed your post!

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