Iranian Water Fights

I saw this article today, and it started as a hilariously awesome celebration, with pictures of teenagers that you might see after a long day of high school in Ohio, New York, or California. Pictures any of us in the US might have been in…a pitifully long time ago *cough*, well not that long. Pictures that I would like to be in with my daughter at some point, having a great time.

But the news deteriorated, as it seems to these days into an overassumption by adults of what it means. Even the conservatives in Iran have commented, ‘Detained for a water fight? Really?’ Common sense seems truly to be on the endangered species list, because the squeaky wheel, the crazy people are simply louder and have more real guns.

Even many conservatives seem to be able to maintain a reserve of common sense to say that you can’t restrict youth too much or you are going to get rebellion coming out somewhere. This is the definition of teenager.

And of those people who think it’s appropriate to detain people for being in a water fight because laughing and showering another teenager is the sign of impending revolt and ‘dark designs from abroad’, need to ask themselves why behavior needs to be controlled so tightly if they themselves are not doing something worthy of revolting against.

Maybe everyone in the country could find some peace, perspective, and catharsis, and not just them, but us too, by loading up the super-soakers and water balloons, and going to war…before winter anyway.


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