Terrorist Phobia

Ok, I’m trying not to be too political and ranty, but come on! I read this post from Facebook, and it’s like poking an angry lion with a sharp stick and a steak dangling on it. Here’s the post I read that’s got me a bit riled:


And here’s the AP account: http:


Please visit this poor woman’s blog. She was basically a Middle-Eastern looking passenger, an American citizen and housewife coming home to her husband and kids, and she was taken off the plane in handcuffs along with two unrelated unsuspecting Indian passengers, for ‘suspicious activity’, suspicious activity being one of the unrelated men in her row going to the bathroom for too long. Things went as you might expect, in a conspiracy theorist’s worst nightmare, except it actually happened.

The airline in question was Frontier. I know, ‘What, really? Frontier?’ The last bastion of great customer service in airlines as far as I’m concerned, until this happened. So I’ve written the airline to complain. I don’t know that it will do any good, but unless people start saying something, the most bigoted voices are the loudest so far, and airline and airport and government policy will be ruled by the schoolyard bullies who cry ‘terrorist’ at anyone they don’t like. Unless someone calls people on their bullshit, stupid unreasonable claims of ‘suspicious activity’, and the hours or days of violated rights that come with it for the targets of such claims, will be accepted as normal adult behavior. Phobia will rule everyone’s actions.

I commented previously, that I’m sick and tired of fear of terrorism being used as an excuse for acting like, and I was going to say ‘shitheads’, but I used the word Nazis instead. I don’t mean the euphemism for someone who is just racist and acting like a jerk. I mean Nazi literally. This kind of surreptitious reporting of innocent people, and the violation of their rights with the excuse that it is for the good of others, is exactly how it started in Germany. And Herman Goering used the exact same tactics to get people to fall in line with the Nazi party, touting a standard of patriotism that involved suspicion of anyone not falling within a narrow definition of ‘German’. The Nazi party also encouraged policing one’s neighbors to prevent terrorism, though Goering didn’t use exactly the term terrorism because that is a 21st century catchphrase.

I think a lot of people don’t speak up against this garbage because we are all busy and in the back of our minds is the notion that everything will be fine, and ‘this can’t happen to me.’ Well, this woman never anticipated what happened to her either.

If you have been a Frontier customer, and feel moved by her story, I would recommend emailing their customer service, as a sometime passenger with what you expect of them, and what you don’t expect. Me, I’m Semitic, and my husband is Native American, and so collectively, we could look ethnic enough to be targeted, and I want to know if this is going to become a habit with them. If so, road trips are looking better and better, gas prices be damned!


5 Responses to “Terrorist Phobia”

  1. Genesther Taylor Says:

    thank you so much for your entry I agree with you wholeheartedly. This is rediculous and she and those other passengers should not have had to go thru this.. and what if she or they got scared would they have been shot dead.. at least that is what we can assume since our police are so shoot/kill happy. I personally hopes she sues the heck out of all of them. Because that is the only thing that gets attentions is when you cost them money. As an African American I understand how she feels.. we are racially profiled all of the time and in Sacramento where I am from, the police love killing our kids/people, the courts have no problems telling african americans they have no constitutional rights.. its crazy, this is not the AMERICA we learned about in school, thank you again… I will be writing a letter too..

    • Yeah, money seems to be what people respond to the most here. Unfortunately, suing would be risky for her. It remains somewhat a domain of people who have the disposable cash for a lawyer. And there’s no guarantee she would win against such large entities. If she lost she’d be out a lot of money in legal bills, adding insult to injury, unless there were a class action. I heard from a law school friend once that this is what class actinos are for. But other customers pressuring businesses to think about what they’re doing and be ethical is free at least. It might at least prevent this kind of thing in the future. Thank you for writing to them! I’m sorry to hear about your experiences in Sacramento. Even though I’m Semitic, I didn’t really experience much frank racism growing up. I think I was lucky. I know that they experienced it, living in Detroit around the Ford factory. Ford was a notorious racist. To this day, my parents won’t ever drive Fords.

    • Sorry, My parents, I meant that my parents’ families experienced racism in Detroit. I just said ‘they’. Thank you for posting too! I never knew about what was going on in Sacramento.

  2. What I find so very egregious about this “story” is; we do not do something, ie. honestly profiling everyone BEFORE they board an aircraft, because it is incorrectly, mis-stated, that it is unconstitutional. That diversity and bigotry cannot dictate one’s right to travel. I have read the Constitution and can find nothing remotely related to politically correct enforcement of “diversity”.
    Then, with blatant disregard of the Constitution, perform an illegal search and sezure of Americcan Citizens, purported to be a constitutional and legal act of law enforcement to confine someone without any charges only because an annonimous person decided that they pissed to often: and then guard them with a TSA government agent, who probably doesn’t have a high school diploma, but was made a Federal Agent by a PC Congress who were in a state of panic, to do something that would protect their position in government, by by-passing the Constitution with an inocuous extra constitutional travesty called the “Patriot Act”, that is so un patriotic, and nothing more than a gallimaufry of idiototic statements giving law enforcement cover to do what ever they want. Including, writing their own search warrants without a judges consent. Ask the Israelies why they don’t have these kind of problems and tell congress to learn something tangible.

    • The ‘Patriot Act’ scares the hell out of me. Because being opinionated can be legally interpreted as suspicious activity by whoever doesn’t agree with what was stated. That’s how I read it anyway. I’m not a lawyer, but that sounds to me like, ‘you better agree with us even in your private life or we can come after you’. I think it could legally work out that way anyway. I can’t think of anything more unpatriotic than that ‘Act’. You’re right.

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