Review: A Job From Hell by Jayde Scott

A Job From Hell by Jayde Scott was an entertaining read, featuring vampires, a nerdy demon, and a mysterious race called Shadows. The dialogue between characters is snappy and sets up the relationships and personalities in the story quickly. Her main character waffles a little during the course of her experiences, but always regains her sense of spunk. I gave her a break for being a little wavery at times, since the story begins with her having been dumped, after all.

My favorite character was the teenage daughter of Lucifer, waiting to turn eighteen to assume her powers, sufficing, in the meantime, with enchanting smart phones. This was a hilarious and unique portrayal of the spawn of Satan.The world Jayde Scott builds, extending through Scotland to other realms is full of intrigue and mystery. And I was captivated by the world of the Shadows and the mythos behind them, creatures that had displaced souls, led by a girl Queen trapped between life and death. My biggest wish was that the conclusion of the book had gotten a little more of a sense of what the vampires were in this world, and had more questions answered about the Shadows and their world, about the demons, and the final outcome of the ‘Great Race’ between supernaturals. This is an interesting start to what should prove to be a fun series.


3 Responses to “Review: A Job From Hell by Jayde Scott”

  1. As much as I love A Job From Hell, I love Jayde. She is an awesome person and did a lot to help me when I first started down this Indie path.

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