YA Indie Carnival: Best Indie Scares and Good Indie Halloween Read

When I think of best scares, two ideas come to mind: What was my scariest memory, and what was the scariest thing I ever read.

The scariest Halloweeny memory I ever had will be a tough one, partly because I have a lousy memory. I got nothing before first grade. Since I am fairly psychically dead, I can’t claim to have heard eerie footsteps or witnessed odd things in any of the places I’ve ever been. The one terrifying memory I do have was when I was just out of college. I was renting a basement apartment in Babylon, Long Island. I had a very nice, very…believing youngish land-lady. She got into crystals and auras and such. She could be right, but I’ll never know. Well one day, we got into a conversation before I went down my stairs, as she sat drinking coffee in the kitchen, and I don’t know how the topic came up, but at some point, she told me that she sometimes saw a figure following me. It was like a shadow, she said. The hairs went right up on my neck, of course. I asked her more about it, and she said it didn’t seem bad, like maybe it had been someone I’d known, a dead relative or something. Now, I never really thought much of that kind of thing. So I just swallowed, said “Thank you. Well, I’ll just go put my groceries away,” and went downstairs. I, of course, proceeded to recall everything we’d ever talked about or anything anyone had ever said about things like that.

I don’t remember what night it was that followed, but one night afterwards, I had dozed off, reading. And very shortly, I was woken up out of a very unpleasant dream by the sharp feeling of threat. I attributed it to a nightmare that I just couldn’t remember, until a second later my sword and shield fell to the floor from where they were leaned against the wall across the room. (I used to play in a medieval group and we had a great time whacking each other with big sticks/swords we made.) Now, when I say that they fell to the floor, I do not mean that they were perched precariously and just slid over. They were leaned so solidly that there is not really any physical way I can think of that they could have fallen over without being pushed. By something.

As my heart threatened to beat its way into an attack, my phone rang. It was two in the morning. It was my friend, Jim. He asked if I was okay. I said I was fine, why? He then told me that he had gotten a very bad feeling, like I had been in some kind of danger and he needed to call me.

To this day, that memory stands out in my skeptical brain as ‘something unexplained though not unexplored’ except when I see advertisements for Ghost Hunter or whatever. It will probably show up in a story or two someday. That feeling of terror sure creeps in, as inspiration.

Best indie scare as in something I’ve read as media, I’d have to nod actually to something I’ve seen. Stephen King’s It stands out, but despite my hatred of clowns, he’s not indie. No, as a horror or at least creepy movie lover, I’d have to say that the most recent movie that I can remember clearly, which as an adult had me leaving the light on, literally, and even now, makes me glance around the room at every noise, was The Grudge: either version, Japanese or American. Something about the symbols they used, something about the emptiness in the woman’s eyes and the sound that came out of her mouth, and the helplessness in a building full of video cameras had me hearing that sound every time I tried to sleep the night I saw it. Wow. Sound is powerful on a primal instinctual level, and this took me back to some thread of chromosome that remembered being a homo habilis on the veldt, praying the fire wouldn’t go out and the lights shining in the grass beyond in the dark would stay away.

As for great Halloween Indie reads, I was blown away by Ania Ahlborn’s novel Seed. Her descriptions are rich and encompassing. You are immediately swept into the world of Louisiana swampland so powerfully, that you could smell the bayou, the organic water, the moss on the trees. And the darkness she paints there in the lives of the characters held that same thread of ancient terror. I will be posting a more complete review of the book, hopefully in November.

But don’t miss this for Halloween. Leave the light on. Just don’t call anyone at two in the morning, unless you know them really well.





What’s new this week:

The Reckoning by M. Leighton, the second and final book in the Fahllen series, will be available for purchase on Amazon and Barnes & Noble on Monday, October 31st. Halloween day!

Visit http://mleightonbooks.blogspot.com/2011/10/reckoning.html for excerpts and the latest on her new release!

Book signing for Crushed by K.C. Blake this Saturday from noon to four at the Northpark Mall in Joplin, MO.!
Read an excerpt here! 

Join The Paranormal Plumes This Weekend Oct. 28-Oct. 30th in Savannah, GA IF YOU DARE! #paranormalplumessociety all weekend for virtual scares 

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