Patriotic Millionaires

Okay, this made my day.

This group of people who are stinking rich have publicized the need of the rich to be responsible citizens and make sure society serves its purpose by redistribution of wealth. I was starting to think that was dead in this country. Any time any kind of measure like that has been proposed in the past decade, we start getting screams of ‘communist!’ or ‘socialist!’ as if they were cuss-words of the worst kind.

No, communism didn’t work, and socialism has its problems too, but pure unrestrained capitalism seems to bring out this greed that turns otherwise normal people into grabby monsters, forgetting the first rule most people are taught in kindergarten: “Share. If you can’t learn to share, you can’t play with other people.”

I’ve been wondering in this climate of extremes, extreme right, extreme religious views,  if the human race, or at least the American people had gone completely bonkers and no longer possessed the ability to look at anything besides black or white?

This article answers my question. These folks have rightly brought the argument out of the realm of communism vs capitalism, socialism vs laissez faire decentralization, and put it squarely in the realm of common sense. And somehow they did it by stating the obvious which has been stated all along, that if you milk people who have less money and give it to people who have more money, then your finances will dry up, as is happening. This country’s system is seriously out of whack, even if, as they claim, it isn’t broken. It will be soon if we don’t change the way we deal with taxes, and it’s nice to see that these folks, who include financial experts, can see it too.


3 Responses to “Patriotic Millionaires”

  1. Maybe the 1% aren’t such evil folks after all! Warren Buffett agrees too.

    • Certainly these folks have retained their decency. I think that many of that ‘1%’ aren’t evil, just out of touch. It’s good to see that some of them stay plugged in.

  2. I agree. It’s nice to see people with enough foresight to put aside their own economic self interests for the benefit of the country. Now, if only they could get the Republican party — the party that supposedly represents the rich — to listen.

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