What Defines ‘American’ Values?

I was surprised and disappointed at Lowe’s for pulling their ad from All-American Muslim at the request of an anti-Muslim group. I don’t really consider myself an activist. But, I see things like this and it really worries me about how we as a nation are choosing to define ourselves, or at least choosing to define our various citizens, and who is included in being American. I know that to some degree it was always this way, with some groups being feared or shunned. But I guess that at this point, I’m wondering if we have taken a few steps backwards.


So, I’ve written a letter to Lowe’s and sent it, posted here.

To Whom It May Concern,

I shopped at Lowes to do home repairs or projects sometimes. You pulled an ad from All-American Muslim, a show which you agreed to support with your ad, because another group wrote that they were against Islam. In bowing to this frank stance of bigotry and removing your ad, I am so offended by your decision that I will no longer be shopping at your store. I am not Muslim. I am Jewish.

My people have historically been at war with various Muslim nations, but I recognize that this has nothing to do with religion, and everything to do with politics. I also recognize that we all live together in America, which gives me the right to be Jewish, my husband the right to be Native American, and these families the right to be Muslim. There are anti-Semitic groups living here in the U.S. too. Would you pull an ad from a show about Jewish people because a neo-Nazi group wrote to you to say that we are evil? Would you post a sign saying that Black people need not shop at your store because someone from the KKK wrote to you demanding segregation? My husband’s nation, along with many other tribes, were once at war with settlers. Should he be discriminated against because his Native American values could clash with some racist ideas that we should all drop who we are and be the same, or else we must be a threat?

It is decisions like yours that give racist groups the ground they need to chip away at the rights and the freedoms of others. Far from representing ‘American values’, it is the most un-American position possible, and you just contributed to it. I choose to shop at companies that are moral and make an effort to represent true democracy and offer to the needs of all of our fellow citizens, Muslims included. So, unless I see a dramatic change in Lowe’s policy, as mentioned earlier, I will no longer be a customer. A copy of this letter will also be posted online. Thank you.


Rachel Coles

Comment and let me know what you think about this issue?


3 Responses to “What Defines ‘American’ Values?”

  1. It is because of stances like that combined with them pulling the ad that these things are issues. It encourages people that thinking like this is not only acceptable but encouraged. I have no problem with people being Anti whatever. They are entitled to their own opinion as am I. But for a company to give in to demands on such a subject is quite disheartening. I’m glad to have stumbled on this so I can also avoid Lowe’s.

  2. Did they reply?

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