YA Indie Carnival: Some Like It Hot, and New Book Release!

This week on the indie carnival, a lot’s happening! This weeks topic is ‘steamy excerpts’, in which our characters get hot and heavy, or kinky or weird, whatever fills your Twinkie.

And this coincides with my new book release today! The day is finally here. Pazuzu’s Girl is released today via Journalstone, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Goodreads, in paperback and e-book! I will also be conducting a blog tour starting Monday!

And now for the heat:

There, what remained of Anzu lay for centuries, nursing the life he had left. He drew food from the rotting vegetation and from the winds that scoured the peaks. As the land was cultivated by successive groups of humans, grasshoppers fed on the growing grains which were nourished by the soil in which he hid.

Soft prodding rhizomes caressed him. The insects sang him into consciousness with gentle clicks and warbles. But he was weak, so weak. He could barely stir the frost around him. His heat was not even enough to thaw the pockets of ice crystals in the spring. Human groups came and went, ignorant of his presence.

Then, one day in the spring, as a new group of humans settled again in the high fields, the fungus in the soil grew into slender long female fingers. Wide, rounded mushroom caps filled with flesh, pale milk-white breasts and the gentle curves of hips and buttocks. Fungal threads in the soil thickened, turning into a rich ebony mane of hair. Lovely hazel eyes watched him from the maiden’s face that had formed next to him. She nestled against him.

“Hello, mighty lord. I am Lilitu.”

He just lay for minutes, staring at this vision of loveliness. She couldn’t be real. He couldn’t even move to stroke her flesh and see if she was a dream. Though he could sense that he still had some body parts, they didn’t seem the same as they had before. Before he could worry about that, she took his hand and guided it against her. ”I am real, lord. I am a handmaiden of Inanna.”

Ah, servant of the goddess of love and war. Maybe his luck had changed, except he couldn’t move. Perhaps this was a curse instead. It would be typical of Enlil to place a beautiful maiden within his reach and make him unable to respond, the epitome of male vengeance.

But she responded for him, moaning softly in the back of her perfect white throat.

He uttered, “Where did you come from? Why have I never met you before among the Anunnaki? I was a servant of Enlil.”

“I know who you are.” She moved against him and he felt the half-frozen soil melt around him. Then she climbed on top of him. As she moved with him, he felt the ice in the lake nearby, turn to lapping water and start to boil. An eternity of time later, he grabbed her, thrusting into her, blazing with his own heat. She threw back her head. Her guttural cry of ecstasy echoed through the peaks above them.

She curled into the curve of the humanoid limbs that should have been his wings. He panted, finding that he could not muster enough energy to be troubled about his seemingly disfigured limbs, for the moment. She put her fingers on his lips, then kissed him. She murmured, “Shhhhh. I will give you strength.” She rose above him so her breast was at his mouth.

He moved his neck, rolling his head away from this strange encounter. Breasts were for infants. But she took his head gently. Drops of liquid ran against his tongue. It was pungent and electrifying. He drank until he couldn’t drink any more. As he did, images flashed through his head, distressing images of death, decay, and new growth emerging from the slime of decomposition. Some of the images were violent.

He withdrew quickly and found that he could move on his own. So he backed away from her, staring at the lovely flushed maiden.

“Who are you?”

She smiled, her teeth glinting ivory. For a moment, they seemed pointed. “I told you. I am Lilitu. I am Life in Death. I am daughter of Anu.”

He waited for her to continue, but she didn’t. “You serve Inanna. Why have I never seen you?”

”You have. I wander where I wish.” Her voice took on a slightly petulant tone, but it was so melodious he wanted to keep asking her questions just to hear her speak.

He gazed at her form and his eyes were drawn to her rounded high breasts again. At the sight, he felt a yearning. The arousal was accompanied by a disturbing pang of hunger, which he shoved to the back of his mind.

“Why me?” He almost buried his head in the ground again as the foolish words slipped out. Who cared why him? As long as she chose him.

She laughed with a sound like velvet. ”Because you and I are alike. What you did, to steal the stone and take charge of your own will? I liked that. I like you.”

That was enough.

End excerpt

Take a ride by our other indie authors this week and don’t miss out on some great scenes!

1. Laura A. H. Elliott author of Winnemucca & 13 on Halloween, Book 1 in the Teen Halloween Series 2. Bryna Butler, author Midnight Guardian series
3. Heather Self 4. T. R. Graves, Author of The Warrior Series
5. Suzy Turner, author of The Raven Saga 6. Cheri Schmidt, author of the Fateful Trilogy
7. Rachel Coles, author of Into The Ruins, geek mom blog 8. K. C. Blake, author of Vampires Rule and Crushed
9. Patti Larsen, The Hunted series and The Hayle Coven series 10. Amy Maurer Jones, Author of The Soul Quest Trilogy
11. Dani Snell’s Refracted Light Reviews 12. Fisher Amelie, author of The Understorey
13. M. Leighton, Blood Like Poison Series, Madly, The Reaping 14. Kimberly Kinrade, Bits of You & Pieces of Me, Forbidden Mind
15. Madeline Smoot, Missing, Summer Shorts, and The Girls 16. Cidney Swanson, author of Rippler
17. Gwenn Wright, author of Filter 18. TG Ayer
19. Melissa Pearl, Author of The Time Spirit Trilogy 20. Heather M. White, author of The Destiny Saga
21. Roots in Myth, PJ Hoover 22. Courtney Cole Writes

What’s new this week?

Support a great cause:

Science Fiction Writers Association member Rocky Wood was diagnosed with ALS. As many of you know, this is the same disease Stephen Hawking has, and it is incurable and progressive. He will eventually lose all ability to move on his own. All of the proceeds of this anthology will go to purchasing medical equipment for Rocky Wood. 90 Minutes to Live can be purchased on Amazon or at Journalstone


17 year old Jadyn and her dad are vampire hunters. That is until her dad decides it’s time for Jadyn to have a “normal” life. When he moved them to Miami, Florida the last thing Jadyn expected to find was vampires.

Jadyn doesn’t want to have a normal life, but then she starts to make new friends. She starts to think that maybe a normal life might not be so bad after all. But soon she realizes that maybe her friends aren’t “human” as she once thought they were. On top of everything else a very powerful vampire, Tabatha, seeks revenge on Jadyn. People from her school start disappearing, and people start dying. She wants to stop the deaths, but Tabatha has other plans for her. Can Jadyn stop the one vampire that is impossible to kill before its too late?

Forever, Book 3 in the Fateful Trilogy
Danielle and Ethan may have solved their problem with vampires, but other magical beings have taken interest in the ones who discovered the cure.

On the run trying to escape a gaggle of evil pixies, a clan of creepy werewolves, a coven or two of wicked witches, and a school of lovely but malicious mermaids, they fight to have a normal life. But that isn’t so easy when the only aid they have is from slightly dishonest fairies and flirtatious vampire bodyguards.

This is Danielle and Ethan’s happily forever after….

Question: When your mother is a powerful witch and your father is a soul-sucking vampire, what does that make you? Answer: Cursed. With all the beauty and charm of a Siren, but cursed as a blood-sucking succubus, Empusa longs for love and a normal life. Neither of these can ever be hers, because the only thing she brings to anyone she loves is death. Em lingers in the mortal world, hiding from her father and existing in a lonely life. Until she meets Brennan. With golden hair and a radiant smile, he captures her heart and awakens it from slumber. But Brennan is more than he seems. And in a relationship where life itself hangs in the balance, is love ever really enough?
Against all expectations, Samantha Ruiz has survived attacks by two of Helmann’s deadliest assassins. She’s alive, but she’s far from safe. Helmann is planning a second Holocaust and wants Sam to play a starring role. Will, meanwhile, separated from Sam by an ocean, seeks a way to prevent Helmann’s apocalypse. Along with Sir Walter and Mickie, Will plays a deadly game sneaking into Geneses’ facilities, discovering unsettling clues as to Helmann’s plans. The clock ticks down as Will and Sam discover just how much they must be willing to sacrifice to stop Helmann. UNFURL, the powerful conclusion to The Ripple Series, will leave fans breathless.
Gemma’s parents have put enough rules around her relationship with Harrison that she feels like she’s living on parole. But she wins one battle—a summer job working for Harrison’s step-father. It is the perfect chance to spend the steamy, hot Florida days with her boyfriend. It’s also a great distraction from the cellphone hiding in her underwear drawer—her only contact with Gabe, the mystery man who’s stalking her.

When she confronts Gabe, he tells her that her parents are not who she thinks they are, and Harrison has the gall to believe him. Surrounded by conflict, Gemma doesn’t know what to believe, and it takes a trip back in time for her to glimpse the sickening truth.

Thanks to her parents, she returns to the present to find the love of her life no longer exists. His family line was broken and now, so is she.

This betrayal forces her to seek out Gabe. Setting aside her fear of the truth, she must trust this man and learn what he can teach her… otherwise, she’ll never get her boyfriend back.

Syd has what she’s always wanted. Thanks to her demon’s sacrifice, she is finally normal. Why then does she want her magic back so badly? It really sucks to find out Brad was only into her because of her power. And even Quaid is keeping his distance. Her loss couldn’t have come at a worse time. A storm is brewing, one that could devour the entire world. Syd refuses to accept she will never be a witch again, doing everything she can to track down the Chosen of the Light and rescue her demon. If only the ordinary life she’s been building didn’t interfere.
16 year old Karlie has had a pretty normal life… But when her Mom dies she is force to move over 1,000 miles away to live with her Dad. That’s when things start getting weird. She can’t explain the earthquakes that nobody else feels, or why she no longer sleeps. But most of all she doesn’t know why she trusts Shane so much, even though his Dad wants her dead. Suddenly, Karlie’s normal life is turned upside down and she enters a world she never dreamed could really exist.
Signed ARC of Unfurl giveaway contest this week atwww.cidneyswanson.blogspot.com! Giveaway ends February 6th! 

Morpho Wilson thought her life was difficult enough. Her father is Pazuzu, the Mesopotamian demon of plague and the Southwest wind. As a teenager Morpho struggles against her father, while trying to adjust to high school in a new neighborhood. The family is constantly moving in an attempt to elude Pazuzu’s murderous ex-wife, a demoness known for killing children.

Then something unique happens. A socially-impaired classmate becomes so intrigued by Morpho that he pursues her, despite the mystery surrounding her family and the danger that accompanies it.

But before their romance can grow the demoness tracks Morpho down, and now only needs an ancient artifact called the Tablet of Destiny to complete the destruction of the world. The tablet confers on its owner the ability to control the fate of everything and everyone on earth.

Once the tablet is discovered in the Middle East, the oldest and most powerful gods begin a battle for its possession, with the human population caught in the middle. Morpho, her family, and her new friend must decide, do they escape from the horrifying demoness or fight for their own destiny. How far will Pazuzu go to save his daughter from a hellish fate? Will his banishment from Heaven so many millennia ago end up being a curse…or a blessing?


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  1. Hey, Coles, it’s Olivia, from DFW a year ago. I went back to their website out of nostalgia a week ago, and now I’ve ordered your book. Congrats, and cheers!

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