Review of Pazuzu’s Girl by The Horror Zine

I’ve been off and on the site recently, due to life getting a little nuts. I have been really thrilled to have the YA Indie Carnival, because it made me sit down and post, and discuss things that I thought about while I was running around during the day and never sat down to talk about. Writing discipline is one of the things that I think a lot of people struggle with, especially as people get more and more drawn into all kinds of distractions. Pretty soon, I look up and the whole year has gone by, when I wasn’t looking. I am very disorganized, and so making a set time to sit down and write has been crucial for me.

Everyone loves good reviews. It’s a huge boost in so many ways. If I’m having a bad day, it makes me realize that most of the things I’m obsessing about aren’t that big a deal. If I’m having a good day, well, that’s just the hot fudge on the sundae, and also a great excuse to go out and get ice cream for real. But it is also great for encouragement to keep doing what I’m doing. I think a lot of times writers feel like we work hard on something and then it goes off into ether world and gets lost. So when a source that we are fans of notices our work, it really renews determination, especially if we are embroiled in writing another one.

So, I am sitting with a huge grin on my face that will only change long enough to stuff a hot fudge sundae in it. Here is the review of Pazuzu’s Girl by The Horror Zine.

And here is the main link, because you should really check out this zine f you love horror. It is a wealth of scary stories and terrific authors.

And here is a quote from the review: “Although technically a Young Adult novel, it is sophisticated enough to be enjoyed by adults as well. I recommend Pazuzu’s Girl for any fan of fantasy or Dungeons and Dragons; for that matter, any fan of a walloping good read.”


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