YA Indie Carnival: Chemistry Excerpt and Giveaway Winner!

Hi YA enthusiasts!

We are excited to announce the winner for this week’s super giveaway for the YA Indie Carnival Anniversary! Drum Roll:

Emma Michaels, Happy Reading!

We have more giveaway for reading and voting on the Carnival’s different chemistry related excerpts. Think back to those days of high school blowing your eyebrows off in test tubes. What do you remember about those days? Were you the studious class star? Or did you practice chemistry in a more ‘botanical’ hands-on sort of way…

JD from Pazuzu’s Girl was based off of…a number of people I remember from my teenage years. Not me, of course…Mom.

Here’s my chem excerpt…completely fictional, in no way drawn from personal experience…:

“You want gadgets? I can make gadgets. I rebuilt that Z-28. You should see the bong I made last year.”

“I’m tech-impaired. And I don’t think a giant bong is going to help in this particular situation.”

“It might.” He pantomimed a lengthy drag on a pipe.

She grinned and gave him a shove.

“Look, look at what I invented!” He dug into a cardboard box in the corner. “I’m going to market it to defense companies when I can get a patent.”

He brought out a contraption that reminded her of Marvin the Martian’s ray gun. It had a gun stock, a long tube that looked suspiciously like a bong and a short plate of fins that looked like the fins from an ionizer used in offices to purify the air.

“Is that a bong, JD? Are you going to aim it at people and get them stoned?”

”No, it started out as one but it’s post-bong technology. It’ll be the new rage in non-violent warfare. It gives people the munchies you get after you get stoned.”


“You know how distracting and compelling the munchies are? I once spent four hours searching for an open pizza joint, at three in the morning, when I knew I had a paper due in class at eight. Didn’t you ever see Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle? The idea is that when people are sprayed with this mist, they will stop caring about whatever their mission is and hunt for junk food instead.”

“You’re insane.”

“But it doesn’t project generalized munchies. You know how addictive junk food is? It’s based on that, not just on pot munchies. I got the idea from that movie where the guy ate only McDonalds for a month.”

“You are living proof of the dangers of watching too much television. The inside of your head must look like a cartoon.”

“No, seriously, I’ve distilled the chemicals from particular foods that make them so addictive. There are three different varieties of Munchie Mist, that’s what I’m calling it: Big Mac, Doritos nacho flavor and Hostess Cupcakes. Once the person breathes the mist, they feel an immediate need to get those specific foods.”

“The poor schmucks stuck at the drive-thrus and checkout counters aren’t getting paid enough. How did you distill it?”

“I was stoned and me and Jonesy started talking about war and wouldn’t it be cool if we could solve the violence thing. Distilling stuff isn’t hard at all. A crap chemistry set from Big Lots can do it. I made something else too! Booger Blaster! The other day, I woke up with the worst allergies ever, after my run-in with your dad. My eyes were swollen shut with mucus, you know, gunk, and my nose was all goopy—”

“That’s enough detail for a clear picture, thanks! So do you blow dog fur and pollen at people?”

“Close. This other formula stimulates histamine production. You just turn the ionizer to this setting here. So it doesn’t matter what people are allergic to, peanuts, dogs, pollen or whatever. They turn into walking snot-wads. I got the idea after Jonesy called me a snot-wad.”

He was so eager, she had to smile. “That’s very clever. Disgusting, but clever. I don’t think it will help us, but maybe it’ll get you into MIT.” She inspected the fins for a minute. “So why didn’t you tell me about being a mad inventor? Why don’t you have stuff in your car, like the Batmobile?”

“There is stuff in my car. It just doesn’t work yet, not the way I want it to. I’m having some problems with the pulse generator. And I thought you’d just make fun of me and blow me off if it didn’t work right.”

End Excerpt

If you like this excerpt, go ahead to http://yaauthorclub.blogspot.com and vote for it. And don’t forget to check out my fellow Carnies’ blogs for their chem excerpts, they’re great!


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