YA Indie Carnival Memorable Events and Giveaway Winners!

This week on the indie carnival, memorable events and zany questions! But first, to announce this week’s giveaway winners for Revelations: Mith, and Katrina! Both will receive a free e-book copy of Revelations! Happy reading, as the weather cools down and we get closer to Halloween, time to curl up with a good book!

Now, the topic for this week’s YA Indie Carnival is Memorable Events and Zany Questions!

One of the most memorable events in my life of reading and writing was when I got to meet Clive Barker, master of horror and urban fantasy. The first book of his I ever read was Everville, then Imajica, then Weaveworld, which remains my favorite. I have been hooked ever since. I burned through Everville when I was home from college sick. Then, a few months later, he went on a book tour for Imajica, in New York City. I was back at school and so we went to the signing, at the Strand book store, I think.  I had seen his movie Nightbreed, and loved it so much I had painted one of my favorite characters, Peloquin, on the back of my leather jacket. I’m not much of an original artist, but I’m not bad at replication, and I wore my leather like it was attached to my skin. So, I was wearing it when we went to the signing. I had brought my Nightbreed illustrated comic, and was going to ask him to sign it. I didn’t think there’d be much chance we’d get to meet him though, because the line was blocks long, and the hour or couple hours he was scheduled to be there was almost up. But he sent his agent out to let everyone on line know that he was going to stay until everyone had had their material signed.

When we got to meet him, I took off my jacket and before I even handed him my comic to sign, he noticed the Peloquin. I hadn’t been sure if he’d like it or hate it, but he grinned, so I’m guessing he liked it, and signed it above the face in a silver paint marker. He was friendly and awesome, and to this day, I have the leather jacket still. I stopped wearing it about seven years later except for special occasions since the paint marker started fading. But I plan to hand it down to my kiddo if she wants it…someday.

I wasn’t a writer at the time, but I think that he is one of my biggest influences, not just in my writing content or style, but in my desire to keep writing. I liked and admired him as a person, not just as a kick-ass horror legend able to coagulate all of my worst nightmares  and make me sleep with the closet light on.

Now, for the zaniest question. I’m not sure about the zaniest, but I had a very memorable question, from a public health co-worker who found out that I wrote a book, Pazuzu’s Girl. It’s an urban fantasy about the teenage daughter of a Mesopotamian demon. One of the people in our communications department had interviewed me for our newsletter, and after that, I ran into another co-worker in the hall, and she asked me with a perplexed look, “Did you really write that for your daughter to read?” When I read the interview I realized that I hadn’t explained that I wrote it with her in mind, not for her to read…for many more years anyway. Pazuzu’s Girl is YA, but with a Mesopotamian demon as one of the main characters, there’s plenty of demon sex and violence…it’s not really for 12 and 13 year olds. And even though I’m sure every high school student on the planet knows what marijuana is, A couple of the characters burn through the equivalent of a barnyard full of weed. So, I explained reassuringly, that I’d just written it thinking of Rosa in about ten years and what we were in for as parents, and that was the age I’d planned on letting her read it. I didn’t mention that I let her watch things on TV that would probably curl a stricter parent’s hair, though when I think about what we watched…Looney Tunes is really violent, set to goofy music. I’m sure that’s why we all loved it. But so far, she hasn’t turned into a mass murderer. So we haven’t screwed up too bad yet.

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