Adding Fantasy to Reality

Some would call this schizophrenia or just plain being bonkers. But I think as long as you’re not having full blown conversations with people who aren’t there as you sit in Office Space-worthy bang-your-head-against-the-steering-wheel traffic, that injecting a little fantasy into your reality can be useful sometimes. At least for me.

I hate change, at least change that involves risk. I am the stereotypical government worker personality in that way. I planned to go to the same job until I was old, each day every day. Not necessarily do the same thing, but go the same job, the same organization generally. I recently switched jobs. It is a very cool worthwhile job and organization, and I like it a lot. I switched because the stolid part of me warred with the desire to do something different. Kind of like living in the same house for your whole life and suddenly needing every few years to rearrange all the furniture. I once lugged an eight foot tall bookcase up a Victorian staircase. I think my husband’s just happy I didn’t nail any of the furniture upside down on the ceiling just to rearrange.

So, as one might imagine, I’ve been in need of a little meditation. Well, I’m not much good at sitting in a blazing hot room with people in various physiologically impossible yoga poses. So meditation isn’t really my strong point. Instead, since we recently started reading our daughter the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series,  reading this type of thing and writing our own fantasy has made it frighteningly easy to slip into pretty satisfying daydreams about how cool life might be if I could shoot lightening bolts, visit an undersea palace, or, especially in traffic, slip through the Underworld as a shortcut to getting home after work and avoiding I-25.

Recently, I rediscovered how much I loved to swim. It really felt like meditation in motion to move through the water and watch the sparkle of sunlight across my fingers. After reading the Percy Jackson series it was easier to imagine the world of the sea, or the local rec center pool, as being animated with creatures and being one of them. I felt like I could have swum forever. I swam until the tensions of the day just kind of floated away. That’s happened while training for half-marathons before too. I listen on my iPod to the soundtrack for Kung Fu Panda and I run faster and farther chasing that almond cookie.

I think that the daydreams I let into my life really can enrich it in a useful way. Especially if it gets me off the sofa. Since the Avengers was one of the highest grossing movies of the summer, and ComicCon hit one of the largest cons of the summer in Denver, and most people were in costume, I’m pretty sure I’m not alone.


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