YA Indie Carnival: End of The World

Well, 12/21/2012 is coming up, and ‘it’s the End of the World as we know it’, insert REM melody here. Or is it? In answer to that, I am sharing cartoons I got from Facebook:













We anthropologists can be evil. I recently heard a very funny suggestion to leave the date 12/21/12 graffiti and carvings everywhere to freak out future generations. Except that I don’t want to encourage vandalism for the sake of an evil archaeological joke. When I was on a dig for an internship years ago, we took a core sample from a swamp. When the tube was down in the swamp, someone dropped a penny down there, that irresistible urge to mess with people’s perception of time. And I do think it’s really fascinating to watch different people’s reactions to the Mayan calendar. Some people spout off terrible jokes, like me. Other people use it as an opportunity to do things they always wanted to do but never did, like stand up to a horrible boss, or ask a girl out, or take a vacation they never took. One thing is sure, despite my snark about it, ‘the end of the world’ is a great excuse to get courage to do something I’ve been putting off, and a great reminder to me to live each day as if it really was my last, which could be true. I could get hit by a bus…or a meteor…or maybe a flaming toilet seat from a Russian space station, if you have ever watched Dead Like Me.

That being said, what would you do if it were the end of the world? Akin to the ageless ‘What if you were trapped on a desert island’ question, what movie, book, song would you want to go out watching, reading, singing, as you kiss your ass goodbye while drinking a beer?

If you post on any of the YA Carnie sites here, or listed below, and you visit and post on the YA Author central website, you are eligible to win a prize package of books! Just enter your name in the rafflecopter.

In addition, I am giving away an e-copy of my book Pazuzu’s Girl, to anyone who posts as long as you get me your contact information so I can send the link to collect the e-book. 🙂

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3 Responses to “YA Indie Carnival: End of The World”

  1. Great post, Rachel… I love to read about your anthropological experiences (I hope I spent that right!)

  2. Too funny! My family watches a lot of the history channel and we have often wondered…how many historical artifacts that we take so seriously might have just been a joke in its day? Yes, I’m a dork mom too!
    Came over from Suzy’s blog…and happy I did!

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