YA Indie Carnival: Smashwords and other e-books—Are they worth it?

Hi Indies,

The question of the week is a hot topic among both indie authors, small publishers, and big publishing houses: Are e-books worth it? And more specifically, are e-book publishing sites worth it?

As an indie author having both self-published short story anthologies, Into The Ruins, and Beyond The Veil, and having my novel Pazuzu’s Girl published by a small genre publishing house, I would emphatically say, YES, they are worth it!

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As a self-published author, I have had a huge amount of fun designing covers, and the rush of clicking on the Finish buttons of both Smashwords and Kindle to finish publishing the books were nerve-tingling. Avenues such as Smashwords has afforded authors of all genres a tremendous amount of creativity and freedom to govern their works in whatever way their spirits take them, on their own timetable.

If I delve into particular publishing engines, I do find that there were different advantages to Kindle versus Smashwords. Smashwords gives you the most leeway as to how you do things like giveaways. Any giveaways you want to do are free to you, and all you have to do is include a coupon code in your giveaway. With Kindle, you have to pay as the author to gift copies of the book, and you have to deal with the whole morass of digital publishing rights which is Amazon’s proprietary hook that has booksellers everywhere fuming, understandably so.

However, that said, I am a tech moron. Smashwords does seem to take a higher degree of savvy to format successfully. Kindle is Self-Publishing and Formatting for Dummies, which gave me a measure of relief from heartburn after wrestling with Word.

As a traditionally published author also, I think that the world is moving toward electronic media. There is no turning back. As a reader, there will always be sappy old cranksters like me regaling my tech-conscious seven-year old about the days before remote control, the days when you had to spin a wheel to dial a phone, and yelling ‘You can pry my paper books from my cold dead hands, now get off my lawn!’ I love the smell of a book, I love the feel of the pages in my hand. However, we are currently being buried in good old paper books at our house. It’s starting to look like an episode of Hoarders in terms of the sheer number of books. Electronic media is elegant and efficient. It means that I don’t have to use up all of my carry-on space hauling all of the books I think I might read on the plane. I can stick my tiny little tablet with the library of books contained in it, in my purse with plenty of room for a bunch of other useless things that I imagine I’m going to use on the flight and never do. Electronic media is not going away, ever. It will only become more elegant and compact. Someday maybe, we’ll all carry data crystals that we plug into jacks in our heads. So for authors, publishing mediums like Smashwords and Kindle are an opportunity, whether self- or traditionally published, to get our work out to millions of people in the speed of an internet connection.

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  1. I agree with you. Great post!

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