YA Indie Carnival–What About Author Pages

Hi Indie Lovers,

I have a list of questions from the YA Indie Blog so that those of you who have never visited the site before can get to know me. However, I’m experiencing techical difficulties. I’d like to say that’s because I’m a wizard and my magial moon rays are disrupting the network. But really, I’m just a mess when it comes to computers of any kind. So for now, I’m going to catch up on last week’s post about creating author pages.

Wow, I could maybe give a dissertation now on what not to do. Well, the first thing every author should know about author pages is: Have one.

This sounds obvious, but for a long time

, I didn’t, partly because I didn’t think of it, partly because the task of designing anything on a computer was as far away as climbing Mount Everest. If you don’t want to spend money on a website, WordPress, what I’m using now was actually simple enough that even I could figure it out. Another alternative is Facebook product pages, or you can do both. The Facebook took me a little more time figure out, and mine is really simple. But it’s one more avenue for people to see you. Goodreads also has an author club for you to create a page, as does Amazon. So there are multiple avenues to put your name out there as an author. You should take advantage of all of them if you can. It’s a numbers game.When we were trying to sell our house, that’s what our realtor told us when we got depressed during the housing bubble burst, it’s how many people see your house, and after that, it’s statistics. Yeah, math actually is useful for something.

Another tidbit that I’ve learned about author pages is link, link, link. I am a linking maniac now that I’ve figured out the nifty function of hyperlinking, just by underlining something that can transport me anywhere. Finally, the last bit of advice about author pages, is keep up. I know ‘Doctor Heal Thyself.’ I find that I fall into communication black holes frequentlyy, with work and other things. Unless, I’m on for work, sometimes I forget that there’s an internet that doesn’t involve looking up some random nugget on Wikipedia, or downloading another time and mind-sucking game like Minecraft for my tech-savvy daughter. Hey, it’s way more inventive than the games we were glued to, creating your own worlds instead of getting chased by bug-eyed ghosts around a maze.

Now, since my technical difficulties seem to be multiplying, I’m going to sign off. But tune in on Monday,, when I’ll post the author questionnaire! Cheers, from Jacksonville! I’m going to fill my lost internet sorrow with biscuits and Carolina BBQ!


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