Angry Birds

So I can say that Angry Birds is the gateway drug of tech proficiency for kindergarteners. At least my kindergartener. I got a new phone, and because I know she loves playing this infernal game on my husband’s iPhone, I downloaded it onto mine. There’s nothing quite like the mixed sound of five-year old giggling, the chortling of the angry birds, the oinking of the moustachioed piggies, and that blasted music issuing from the back seat and combining with Black Sabbath on the car stereo while a conservative couple in the car next to me stares through my open window as if we will all be struck down by lightning.

This amusing morning drive to school moment not withstanding, it was also a moment of revelation on my own ignorance of the tech of the new generation. Rosa repeatedly asked me questions about manipulating the screens on my own phone that I couldn’t answer, and then at 5 yrs old proceeded to figure them out in minutes, when I would have been stumped for an hour…or maybe longer considering it took me over an hour to figure out how to download Angry Birds. Wow. But I’ve never seen anything like it for getting kids…or grown ups with other tasks they’d rather not do, to get over fear of computers or smart-thingee-operation.


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