About Geek Mom

I am a medical anthropologist working in public health in Colorado. I live with my husband and daughter in Denver. I’ve lived in Denver since 2002. I love the mountains, especially the streams and lakes, but I miss the ocean. I originally came from Connecticut.  

I’m an unapologetic geek. My husband and I seem to compete for nerdiest and most obscure Star Trek references when watching television. He usually wins. My favorite shows are Babylon 5, Firefly, original Star Trek, some seasons of Next Generation and Deep Space Nine, Eureka. My favorite authors and books are:  Dan Simmons–Hyperion trilogy, Terry Pratchett–Most of Discworld books, Neil Gaiman–Neverwhere, American Gods, Anansi Boys, David Brin–Kiln People, Uplift series.

I am also a speculative fiction writer, meaning that I write a smorgasbord of urban fantasy, science fiction, and just plain weird stories that don’t always fit into a genre. Myth often finds its way into the stories, not just because Neil Gaiman is one of my favorite writers, but because I always wanted to ‘do mythology’ as a job when I grew up, hence the anthropology degree. I love stories, reading them and writing them, because I believe that everyone everywhere has a story that connects them with the world.


6 Responses to “About Geek Mom”

  1. Woot! love the new design. You need to clean up your Blogroll and put Denver fiction writers up there. 🙂

  2. Love the phrase, ” unapologetic geek.” Rage on!

  3. Mike Addiego Says:

    Rachel, your story Orphans of Lethe was a great read. Thanks.

    • Thanks! Glad you liked it! Sorry, it took so long to respond, still figuring out the gmail notifications and wordpress. Even though I’ve been on for a while, things still slip past me. It was the first ghost story I ever wrote, and my ghost story loving daughter gave me the idea.

  4. Hey Rachel, how amazing to have found you here now too. Need to have a quick chat about this when the girls FaceTime next 🙂

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