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Review of the Month:

It’s been a long time since a horror novel gave me chills, and much longer since anything gave me the chills in broad daylight in a cheerily-lit building. The horror novel Seed by Ania Ahlborn changed that record. Like the supernatural force hinted at in the story, my Kindle was locked into my palm as I sat transfixed by the unfolding dread revealed in the virtual pages. I could not put it down, as the list of things I needed to be doing, aside from reading, lay abandoned. The scenery of the book was painted so vividly, I could smell the moss and feel the dampness in the air of Louisiana and Georgia, which in bone-dry Colorado, would have been welcome if the sinister darkness infesting the swamp hadn’t also been creeping into the room. The characters were alive, the strained dialogue of marriage under impossible circumstances, the humor of young childrens’ frankness which could not possibly be imitated by someone unfamiliar with children. I have to say that Seed was one of the most consuming books I’ve read this year. And I will be both eager and terrified to read more from this author…as soon as I hire an exorcist and run a few thousand gallons of holy water through the sprinkler system around the house. Finally, in addition to being a terrific horror novel, it posed age old questions about the human condition poised between good and evil, and made them new again. Whoever picks this book up will be a long while thinking about it after they are done.


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