New Book Release!: The Pack by LM Preston

The Pack by LM Preston was published on August 1st, 2012.

Picture Veronica Mars if she were a scrappy punch-you-in-the-face MMA fighter. That is Shamira, in this all-or-nothing futuristic dystopian mystery. Like most teens, she faces the entire world herself, except something is coming after the kids of the Security Force, and, underestimated by all, she might the the one to figure out how to stop it!

Check out an excerpt of The Pack on Amazon!

And she has the second Shamira novel brewing! The Pack: Retribution. Once you devour this one, you can pre-order Retribution here.

LM Preston is an exciting YA fantasy writer. You can find her at Phenomenal One Page, and the YA Indie Carnival. Or join her on Facebook for her Explorer X-Beta Release Party! See you there!



One Response to “New Book Release!: The Pack by LM Preston”

  1. Thanks Rachel for sharing the news about my book baby!

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